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Understanding the strategies of crowdfunding platforms

By 15 July 2016 0

(This article, co-authored by Paul Belleflamme, Nessrine Omrani and Martin Peitz, has been published in the CESIfo DICE Report of June 2016, which also presents five other articles on crowdfunding.) Crowdfunding can be seen as an open call made through the Internet to provide financial resources to support new ventures. Several forms of crowdfunding coexist, […]


What is ‘patent holdup’? Should it be regulated? If yes, how?

By 4 June 2016 0

On January 6, 2016, the Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) organized a half-day conference around the question: “Regulating Patent ‘Holdup’?” (you can find the program and the slides of the presentations here; you can also read the full summary of the proceedings). The organizers kindly invited me to close the conference by giving some concluding remarks. […]

Watching you

Personalized Pricing: “Big Data is watching you!”

By 18 May 2016 1

Until recently, the idea of first-degree price discrimination was just a theoretical concept resting in standard microeconomics textbooks, as the strategic implementation of such practices was often unfeasible. On the one hand, firms were unable to identify how much money each consumer would be willing to pay for the products they were selling. On the […]

Incumbents and the sharing economy: the example of GM

By 30 January 2016 9

It is safe to say that the automotive industry experiences some turmoil; cars themselves, as well as the way we are using them, are changing profoundly. Traditional, petrol-powered, cars are slowly being replaced by electric cars and potentially fully autonomous vehicles. On the consumer level, a shift in consumption patterns, away from ownership to usage, […]

Taking on Uber

By 19 December 2015 11

Over the past six years, Uber has become a synonym for on-demand transportation services. The San-Francisco based start-up pioneered the industry and continues to hold the pole position in the American market. According to a recent article on Bloomberg, Uber currently seeks to raise $2.1 billion in a financing round that would value the company […]


Targeted prices and privacy: the hidden cost of hiding

By 2 December 2015 1

The recent developments in digital technologies (e-commerce, social media and networks, mobile computing, sensor technologies) have not only driven individuals to leave an increasingly long digital trace behind them, but have also made available the tools to assemble, harness and analyse large and complex datasets (so-called ‘Big data’). As a consequence, sellers now have expanded […]

The scope of “copyleft“ effect: What’s right and what’s “left“? (part II – Triggering “copyleft”)

By 6 September 2015 0

As was described in the first part, “copyleft” can be translated into simple words as an obligation to license modifications of original work under the terms of the license governing the original use. However, when does this obligation arise? There are many activities that might bear significance – changing the form in which the work […]

Strategic timing of movie releases

By 24 July 2015 1

Large promotion and production budgets help movie studios not only to attract the audience but also to secure the most profitable release dates for their movies. This is what Paul Belleflamme and Dimitri Paolini show in a new theoretical and empirical research. Since the extraordinary successes of Jaws in the summer of 1975 and Star Wars two summers […]

The scope of “copyleft“ effect: What’s right and what’s “left“? (part I – Introduction)

By 5 May 2015 0

March 2015  marks the 30th anniversary of the publication of one of the first and most prominent documents presenting “copyleft” idea. Richard Stallman’s publication of the “GNU Manifesto” (available here) – announcing the development of a software system which would be freely distributable and modifiable – occurred on March 1985. It has since spawned a […]

Not on my network! App exclusion and the net neutrality debate

By 21 April 2015 7

IPdigIT continues its series of posts on net neutrality (see here and here) by republishing a Policy Brief of the Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII), written by Axel Gautier and Sébastien Broos.   The net neutrality debate is at its peak. On January 27, the Dutch Authority for Competition and Markets (DACM) fined KPN […]