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L’avenir du droit d’auteur au-delà de la stratégie de la Commission européenne sur le Marché unique numérique

By 4 May 2015 0

Le mercredi 6 mai, la Commission européenne dévoilera sa stratégie pour le Marché unique numérique (ici), l’une des priorités de l’équipe Juncker. Un pilier de cette stratégie sur le Digital Single Market concerne la réforme du droit d’auteur. L’objectif résumé par la Commission est de: “Modifier les règles régissant les droits d’auteur afin de tenir […]

What can we expect from 2015 in the field of IP and ICT?

By 18 February 2015 0

Starting from this post I will try to regularly update you, IPdigIT readers, on the latest legislative developments taking place at the EU level in the field of Intellectual Property and ICT. This article should be considered an introduction and an incentive to further follow the blog. Each of the issues briefly described below, deserves […]

Apple Inc. en justice: quand les droits intellectuels rencontrent le droit des contrats

By 4 February 2015 30

La vie des petites et grandes entreprises, en particulier de celles qui sont innovantes, est parsemée de difficultés et de différends. On les retrouve très souvent impliquées dans des litiges en justice. Apple Inc. fondée par l’iconique Steve Jobs en est un bel exemple (voir le billet ipdigit sur Steve Jobs ici). Une entrée spéciale […]

MEP Julia Reda proposes major overhaul of EU copyright

By 26 January 2015 1

There are clearly some pressure on the European legislator to modernize the copyright framework. I have posted here a letter signed by several academics who are members of the European Copyright Society. One of the regular contributors to The IPKat, Eleonora Rosati,  has prepared an analysis of a recent draft report proposed by the new […]

Best wishes for 2015: a year for starting a forward looking reform of copyright in Europe?

By 5 January 2015 0

The beginning of the year is always a good time for the best resolutions. 2015 should not be an exception. Let’s fire some good resolutions in the new sky!   The European Copyright Society has a wish too: that the European Commission, in particular Mr. Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, initiates a […]

State of the Commons

Business models for digital goods in the face of the ‘culture of free’?

By 10 December 2014 40

Piracy of digital goods is an issue that we have already addressed many times on this blog. Here is an additional post on the topic, which does not contain new material or analysis but which simply points you to two instructive resources that were recently published. First, there is this excellent video, produced by, […]

‘Parody’ becomes a concept of EU law: something to applaud or to fear?

By 2 November 2014 29

After the September 3, 2014 decision of the Court of Justice of the EU in Deckmyn v. Vandersteen,  the notion of parody is a concept of EU law. Does it mean that the national cultures and laws of the EU Member States are no more competent to define the limits of humor? This would be […]

When solving copyright cases requires to balance fundamental rights

By 30 September 2014 44

Copyright cases until recently were mainly decided with reference to the rules contained in the statutes (the relevant Copyright Acts) and on the basis of the principles deriving from case law. Under the influence of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) and of the European Court on Human Rights (ECtHR), a growing number […]

Network effects

Media Ecosystems: Economic issues and policy implications

By 4 August 2014 0

This is the fourth and last post of a series on Media Ecosystems. The first post draws the outline of the series; the second post examines the production of mediatisation content through “publishing protocols”; the third post describes the specificities of the mediatisation of copyrighted goods and the changes brought by digitization. Economic issues The picture of the copyright industry […]


Media Ecosystems: A definition

By 28 July 2014 0

This is the third post of a series on Media Ecosystems. The first post draws the outline of the series, while the second post examines the production of mediatisation content through “publishing protocols”. Media ecosystems The term ecosystem is primarily used in biology do designate a community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in conjunction with […]