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Take Eat Easy (2). La parole au fondateur

By 13 February 2017 0

Dans ce deuxième volet de la série consacrée à la plateforme Take Eat Easy, IPdigIT donne la parole à Adrien Roose, un des co-fondateurs de la plateforme, qui fut aussi son dernier CEO. (Le premier article de la série présente quelques balises économiques pour comprendre l’économie des plateformes dites ‘P2P’; le troisième s’interroge sur la soutenabilité du […]

TEE dos tourné

Take Eat Easy (1). Une histoire à partager

By 7 February 2017 0

Quand on parle de “l’économie du partage”, on se concentre généralement sur les quelques success-stories (ou supposées comme telles) que sont Uber et Airbnb. Or, il faut savoir partager aussi les histoires de semi-réussites ou d’échecs, car il y a autant – si pas plus – à apprendre d’elles. Tel est le parti pris de cette série d’articles, […]

Uberisation : quelques clés pour mieux comprendre

By 4 September 2016 1

Dans un article récent, le journal Le Monde explique comment Ben Becker et Elliot Glass, deux Américains actifs dans le monde de la publicité, ont habilement trompé leur monde en orchestrant une campagne de lancement pour une fausse application, prétendument destinée à devenir un Uber pour crottes de chien: Pooper est l’une de ces start-up que nous […]


Understanding the strategies of crowdfunding platforms

By 15 July 2016 0

(This article, co-authored by Paul Belleflamme, Nessrine Omrani and Martin Peitz, has been published in the CESIfo DICE Report of June 2016, which also presents five other articles on crowdfunding.) Crowdfunding can be seen as an open call made through the Internet to provide financial resources to support new ventures. Several forms of crowdfunding coexist, […]


What is ‘patent holdup’? Should it be regulated? If yes, how?

By 4 June 2016 0

On January 6, 2016, the Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) organized a half-day conference around the question: “Regulating Patent ‘Holdup’?” (you can find the program and the slides of the presentations here; you can also read the full summary of the proceedings). The organizers kindly invited me to close the conference by giving some concluding remarks. […]


“Big Data in the Platform Economy” – A Digest of the Conference

By 31 May 2016 0

On May 13, 2016, the editors of IPdigIT organized a one-day conference to study the growing importance of ‘Big data in the platform economy‘. To this end, they assembled a panel of experts from several disciplines: applied mathematics, engineering, economics, management, policy-making, and law. (You can find the general description of the conference here). The conference, […]

Big data 2

Conference: Big Data in the Platform Economy (May 13, 2016)

By 23 April 2016 0

On Friday May 13, 2016, IPdigIT (together with CIPI, CORE and Crides) organizes a one-day conference on ‘Big Data in the Platform Economy‘. The venue is Microsoft Innovation Center (Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Brussels). Admission is free, but online registration is required. To register and to see the full program of the conference, please follow this link. […]


Cross-border parcel prices hamper EU-wide E-commerce

By 22 January 2016 0

  The author of post is our colleague Wouter Vergote. Wouter holds of PhD in economics from Columbia University. He is currently associate professor of Economics at University Saint-Louis-Brussels, and has worked previously for the EU Commission (DG Competition) and for NERA. His areas of expertise are microeconomics, game theory and industrial organization.    Firms, among […]

Brussels Xmas tree

They may know it’s Xmas, but do they know there’s IP involved?

By 21 December 2015 0

As Christmas is drawing nigh, I found it fun appropriate to collect a number of “IP Xmas stories”. As you will discover below, these stories add some Christmas spirit to the IP, IT and innovation issues that we regularly discuss on this blog. The secret story of poinsettias Like everyone, I loathe love poinsettias. Because they blossom in winter and […]


Targeted prices and privacy: the hidden cost of hiding

By 2 December 2015 1

The recent developments in digital technologies (e-commerce, social media and networks, mobile computing, sensor technologies) have not only driven individuals to leave an increasingly long digital trace behind them, but have also made available the tools to assemble, harness and analyse large and complex datasets (so-called ‘Big data’). As a consequence, sellers now have expanded […]