5 December 2010

A paperback version of “Intellectual Property and Theories of Justice” (Palgrave, Nov. 2010)

The book “Intellectual Property and Theories of Justice” edited by Axel Gosseries, Alain Marciano and myself is available in paperback since November 2010. Please visit the page of the publisher here.

The book benefits from a positive review of Richard Posner, now Judge at the US Court or Appeal, Seventh Circuit, formerly Professor at the Chicago Law School:

This book of readings on intellectual property is unusual in three respects: the international cast of the contributors, the widening of the focus of analysis to include not only law and economics but also philosophy, and the decision to examine both theoretical questions and concrete practical questions. Most important is the high quality of the contributions. They not only are of high intellectual quality, but they are lucid and well written; and the introduction is a model of clarity.‘ – Richard A. Posner, US Court of Appeal, Seventh Circuit

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