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Legal responses to online piracy

By 27 November 2010 35

Yesterday (November 26, 2010), the New York Times published two short articles concerning online piracy of digital goods. The first article (Swedish Court Upholds Convictions in File-Sharing Case) reports that an appeals court in Sweden upheld the copyright convictions of three men behind Pirate Bay, a popular file-sharing site that remains in operation despite attempts to […]

An ‘uncommon’ riddle

By 17 November 2010 1

Here is just a riddle, which I ask you to solve. What do the following stories have in common? Pfalz Castle, once a toll booth on the Rhine river ( 1. During the Middle Ages, it became impossible to carry on commercial trade on the Rhine River because of the toll booths built by all sorts […]

Harry Potter is back on the copyright front. Do you want to prepare a survey of cases around the world?

By and 14 October 2010 1

The IPKat, the famous IP blog founded by the veteran blogger Jeremy Philips, today reports about a case involving Willy the Wizard v. Harry Potter. As summarized by Jeremy, “it is alleged that JK Rowling infringed the copyright in Adrian Jacobs’ Willy the Wizard in the course of writing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” […], the Norwegian bookshelf: a model?

By 3 October 2010 0

On September 30, EFTA (by the way, do you remember the countries which are still members of the European Free Trade Association? do you know that EFTA was celebrating its 50th birthday in 2010 ? more on EFTA)… EFTA was thus organising a copyright conference at its Brussels HQ on “The Nordic Model – Extended […]

Le livre est-il soluble dans le Net?

By 29 September 2010 0

29 septembre 2010 – Horaire : 09.00 > 17.20 Le livre est-il soluble dans le Net? Tel est le sujet d’une conférence (gratuite) organisée le 29 septembre par TechnofuturTIC avec la Communauté française (pour plus d’informations: Voici ce qu’annonce le programme: “Les technologies de l’information ouvrent de nouvelles perspectives de création, de production, de […]

“Party’s over for US music downloads”: what could cheer up the music industry?

By 27 September 2010 0

Today (27 Sept. 2010), the Financial Times, under the title “Party’s over for US music downloads”, reports that the online sale of music during the first half of 2010 is flat compared to the same period last year (in 2009, downloads were increasing at 13% a year, and in 2008, at 28% a year). The […]

What is the optimal copyright length?

By 17 September 2010 45

In April 2009, the EU parliament approved an extension of the copyright term for music recordings from 50 years to 70 years (see the official press release). This decision followed a hot debate between the music industry, which campaigned for this extension as it would allow it to extend the flow of revenues derived from music […]

The Google Book Settlement – The Challenge of Building a Digital Library that Benefits All

By 1 September 2010 0

Friday 12 February 2010 – From: 13:45 To: 17:45 On 12 February, the Centre for Innovation and Intellectual Property of the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis in Brussels (FUSL – Académie Louvain) , jointly with the Institute for European Legal Studies (IEJE) of the University of Liege (ULg), will hold in Brussels a half-day conference entitled “The […]