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In a recent post on IPdigIT Paul Belleflamme raised the question of what might be appropriate business models for digital goods in the “culture of free”. This is the second post of a two-piece series in which I will have a closer look at the video game industry. Over the past decade many things have […]

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Business models for digital goods: video games (free-to-play games)

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Coverage of the HSBC scandal: a story of two-sided media bias?

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What can we expect from 2015 in the field of IP and ICT?

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Banks’ reaction to entry threats

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Apple Inc. en justice: quand les droits intellectuels rencontrent le droit des contrats

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Secrets d’affaires: quelles dispositions raisonnables doivent être prises pour bénéficier de la protection?

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mobile payments

Entrants’ strategies to compete with incumbent banks

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MEP Julia Reda proposes major overhaul of EU copyright

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Banking innovation

Innovation and regulation in the retail banking industry

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