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March 2015  marks the 30th anniversary of the publication of one of the first and most prominent documents presenting “copyleft” idea. Richard Stallman’s publication of the “GNU Manifesto” (available here) – announcing the development of a software system which would be freely distributable and modifiable – occurred on March 1985. It has since spawned a […]

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L’avenir du droit d’auteur au-delà de la stratégie de la Commission européenne sur le Marché unique numérique

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Not on my network! App exclusion and the net neutrality debate

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De UsedSoft à Allposters: dans le numérique, le droit d’auteur s’épuiserait mais il n’y a pas d’épuisement physique!

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How do comparison shopping sites make a living? An update

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Business models for digital goods: video games (episodic games)

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Business models for digital goods: video games (free-to-play games)

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Coverage of the HSBC scandal: a story of two-sided media bias?

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What can we expect from 2015 in the field of IP and ICT?

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Banks’ reaction to entry threats

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