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Banking innovation

Over the recent years, several innovations have emerged on the retail banking market: mobile payments, Internet Banking, peer-to-peer lending platforms. These innovative services are often offered by “non-bank” entrants, i.e., firms that do not own a banking license. Several Internet Service Providers or even large retailers, like Apple, Starbucks or Google, have started to offer […]

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Best wishes for 2015: a year for starting a forward looking reform of copyright in Europe?

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State of the Commons

Business models for digital goods in the face of the ‘culture of free’?

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The risk of patent trolls in the U.S. and in Europe: a sequel to a never ending story

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Do patent rights facilitate or impede cumulative innovation?

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Can Obama’s initiative ensure that ‘internet fast lanes’ do not develop to the detriment of standard access?

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Patent races: pros and cons

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To induce innovation, should we praise the prizes?

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‘Parody’ becomes a concept of EU law: something to applaud or to fear?

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A primer on cumulative innovations

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