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ad building

This is the second post of a series on Media Ecosystems. The first post draws the outline of the series. Advertising as a complementary good Since George Stigler’s paper on information costs (1961), the issue of advertising is widely discussed among economists. For many of them, advertising is a means to reduce consumer’s transaction costs […]

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Media Ecosystems: Introduction

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The multisidedness of crowdfunding platforms

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Putting a price on privacy – but how?

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Putting a price on privacy – an Introduction to the Economics of Privacy

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Putting a price on privacy – are there benefits to sharing private information?

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equity-based crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: giving rewards or sharing profits?

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Mind. your own. business school – a case study of a multi-sided platform

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IPdigIT revient sur l’affaire ReDigi: adapter la technologie pour éviter l’interdit du droit

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A ‘multisourced’ case-study of a multisided platform

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