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Once again, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has published its ‘Intellectual Property Roadmap’ which lists the global intellectual property issues of interest for its constituency, i. e. the business world. The 2014 version is available here. We have already referred to previous issues of this ICC Roadmap on IPditIT (see here and here). This […]

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An Opinion on the right allocation of the fair remuneration for reprography

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The scope of “copyleft“ effect: What’s right and what’s “left“? (part II – Triggering “copyleft”)

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Strategic timing of movie releases

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Do standard setting organizations’ rules stand in the way of innovation?

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Brussels Internet & Telecom Seminars (July 16, 2015)

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Open-source to the rescue: innovative ways of dealing with the carbon crisis

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Opening up knowledge management

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The scope of “copyleft“ effect: What’s right and what’s “left“? (part I – Introduction)

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L’avenir du droit d’auteur au-delà de la stratégie de la Commission européenne sur le Marché unique numérique

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