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To paraphrase a famous Belgian surrealist artist: “This post is not a post“. More precisely, it is not a post yet, but it should become one once all your comments will be pieced together. My goal, in a very lazy educational way, is to build a case study of a specific multisided platform through crowdsourcing (which […]

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Are non-practicing entities (NPEs) aka ‘patent trolls’ operating in Europe?

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When sheiks and cheques shake the media

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Planned obsolescence in the digital age

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No need to ask for authorization before hyperlinking, but…what did the EU Court of Justice mean in Svensson?

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What drives self-regulation in the nascent P2P “ride-sharing” industry?

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comparison shopping

How do comparison shopping sites make a living?

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Prezi: a successful freemium model?

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Positional trademarks – what makes them distinctive?

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Association avec la Coupe du Monde 2014: quelle limite au marketing sauvage?

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