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IPdigIT continues its series of posts on net neutrality (see here and here) by republishing a Policy Brief of the Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII), written by Axel Gautier and Sébastien Broos.   The net neutrality debate is at its peak. On January 27, the Dutch Authority for Competition and Markets (DACM) fined KPN […]

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De UsedSoft à Allposters: dans le numérique, le droit d’auteur s’épuiserait mais il n’y a pas d’épuisement physique!

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How do comparison shopping sites make a living? An update

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Business models for digital goods: video games (episodic games)

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Business models for digital goods: video games (free-to-play games)

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Coverage of the HSBC scandal: a story of two-sided media bias?

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What can we expect from 2015 in the field of IP and ICT?

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Banks’ reaction to entry threats

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Apple Inc. en justice: quand les droits intellectuels rencontrent le droit des contrats

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Secrets d’affaires: quelles dispositions raisonnables doivent être prises pour bénéficier de la protection?

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