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Copyright law, as other intellectual property laws, creates a legal exclusivity on the use of an intangible asset. The copyright owner is granted the power to prohibit some acts of use regarding the protected work. In particular, the author can ‘say no’ to the copying of her work. (Copying falls under the reproduction right, but in Europe, the law also […]

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Uberisation : quelques clés pour mieux comprendre

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Understanding the strategies of crowdfunding platforms

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What is ‘patent holdup’? Should it be regulated? If yes, how?

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“Big Data in the Platform Economy” – A Digest of the Conference

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Watching you

Personalized Pricing: “Big Data is watching you!”

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Big data 2

Conference: Big Data in the Platform Economy (May 13, 2016)

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Les hyperliens: de bonnes relations qui restent des liaisons dangereuses?

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Incumbents and the sharing economy: the example of GM

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Intellectual Property Rights at the Bilateral and Multilateral Levels: How to Reach Consistency?

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