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On October 28th YouTube launched its new subscription service YouTube Red. So far it is only available for viewers in the United States, who currently can test the service in a free one-month trial. Afterwards, YouTube Red will be priced at $9.99 a month. What is YouTube Red all about? On its website the Google […]

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Le droit, l’économie et la géopolitique des données: Schrems, TPP, BEPS…

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TTIP and TPP under scrutiny: how to assess the intellectual property chapter

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La e-réputation des entreprises: lente à construire, rapide à détruire?

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Les plateformes de crowdfunding : comprendre leurs rôles et leurs stratégies

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A New Journey Among the Global Intellectual Property Issues

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An Opinion on the right allocation of the fair remuneration for reprography

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The scope of “copyleft“ effect: What’s right and what’s “left“? (part II – Triggering “copyleft”)

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Strategic timing of movie releases

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Do standard setting organizations’ rules stand in the way of innovation?

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