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It is safe to say that the automotive industry experiences some turmoil; cars themselves, as well as the way we are using them, are changing profoundly. Traditional, petrol-powered, cars are slowly being replaced by electric cars and potentially fully autonomous vehicles. On the consumer level, a shift in consumption patterns, away from ownership to usage, […]

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Intellectual Property Rights at the Bilateral and Multilateral Levels: How to Reach Consistency?

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Cross-border parcel prices hamper EU-wide E-commerce

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How Does Increased Investor Protection Enhance the Dissemination of Knowledge?

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Does Intellectual Property Qualify as a Foreign Direct Investment?

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Brussels Xmas tree

They may know it’s Xmas, but do they know there’s IP involved?

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Taking on Uber

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Targeted prices and privacy: the hidden cost of hiding

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Time to fix patents, says The Economist, but how?

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YouTube turns freemium

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