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Dans un billet d’avril 2013 (ici) consacré à la revente de fichiers numériques de ‘seconde main’ sur ReDigi, IPdigIT se demandait si la décision du 30 mars 2013 rendue par la District Court de New York dans Capital Records v. ReDigi était transposable en Europe. Pour le juge américain, le service de revente numérique de […]

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A ‘multisourced’ case-study of a multisided platform

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Are non-practicing entities (NPEs) aka ‘patent trolls’ operating in Europe?

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When sheiks and cheques shake the media

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Planned obsolescence in the digital age

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No need to ask for authorization before hyperlinking, but…what did the EU Court of Justice mean in Svensson?

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What drives self-regulation in the nascent P2P “ride-sharing” industry?

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comparison shopping

How do comparison shopping sites make a living?

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Prezi: a successful freemium model?

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Positional trademarks – what makes them distinctive?

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