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The issue of ‘patent assertion entities’ (PAEs) or ‘patent trolls’, i. e. of companies that acquire patent portfolios to aggressively negotiate licenses, potentially under the threat of an action for patent infringement, is not new. Patent trolling has been addressed several times on this blog. Paul Belleflamme addressed the issue from an economic point of […]

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Do patent rights facilitate or impede cumulative innovation?

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Can Obama’s initiative ensure that ‘internet fast lanes’ do not develop to the detriment of standard access?

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Patent races: pros and cons

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To induce innovation, should we praise the prizes?

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‘Parody’ becomes a concept of EU law: something to applaud or to fear?

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A primer on cumulative innovations

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When solving copyright cases requires to balance fundamental rights

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3 master theses about crowdfunding

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Network effects

Media Ecosystems: Economic issues and policy implications

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