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Harry Potter is back on the copyright front. Do you want to prepare a survey of cases around the world?

By and 14 October 2010 1

The IPKat, the famous IP blog founded by the veteran blogger Jeremy Philips, today reports about a case involving Willy the Wizard v. Harry Potter. As summarized by Jeremy, “it is alleged that JK Rowling infringed the copyright in Adrian Jacobs’ Willy the Wizard in the course of writing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” […], the Norwegian bookshelf: a model?

By 3 October 2010 0

On September 30, EFTA (by the way, do you remember the countries which are still members of the European Free Trade Association? do you know that EFTA was celebrating its 50th birthday in 2010 ? more on EFTA)… EFTA was thus organising a copyright conference at its Brussels HQ on “The Nordic Model – Extended […]

Challenging pharmaceutical patents : a « death spiral » for generic companies ?

By 3 October 2010 0

I remain puzzled by an article in the Financial Times (1 Oct. 2010) which highlights recent doubts of the US generic pharmaceutical industry with regard to the strategy of challenging drug patents in the courts. The article quotes Mr Paul Bisaro, president of Watson Pharmaceuticals (one of the US’s largest generic drug companies) and head […]

‘Pay for delay’ deals in the pharmaceutical industry

By 1 October 2010 46

(Edited version, October 11, 2013) ‘Pay for delay’ deals are commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry; they involve branded drug makers paying generic groups to delay the launch of lower-cost versions of their drugs. Last July, the US House of Representatives passed a legislation banning such deals. These deals are also at the center of European […]

“Party’s over for US music downloads”: what could cheer up the music industry?

By 27 September 2010 0

Today (27 Sept. 2010), the Financial Times, under the title “Party’s over for US music downloads”, reports that the online sale of music during the first half of 2010 is flat compared to the same period last year (in 2009, downloads were increasing at 13% a year, and in 2008, at 28% a year). The […]

Can the US patent reform be voted by the “lame ducks”?

By 25 September 2010 0

For a few years, the US legislator has worked on a deep reform of the US patent system. Major substantial issues (such as the move from a ‘first to invent’ to a ‘first to file’ system, the possibility of extended re-examination by the Patent Office…) are under discussion. Other important issues relating to the judicial […]

Peut-on se faire de l’argent avec du gratuit?

By 25 September 2010 2

En 2005, 580 millions de dollars ont été déboursés pour le rachat de MySpace. En 2007, Google a payé 1,65 milliards de dollars pour acquérir YouTube. En 2007 toujours, Microsoft a investi 240 millions de dollars pour obtenir une participation minoritaire dans Facebook, alors implicitement valorisé à 15 milliards de dollars. L’année suivante, Microsoft a […]

What is the link between competition and innovation?

By 24 September 2010 118

In an article published in 2004 in The Economist (and later reproduced in the book ‘The Future of Technology’ pp. 107-110), one can read the following: “On the record, any top executive in the IT, consumer-electronics and telecoms industries today will profess that his firm is leading the way towards simplicity. But are those claims justified? […]

What is the optimal copyright length?

By 17 September 2010 45

In April 2009, the EU parliament approved an extension of the copyright term for music recordings from 50 years to 70 years (see the official press release). This decision followed a hot debate between the music industry, which campaigned for this extension as it would allow it to extend the flow of revenues derived from music […]

R&D cooperation or competition?

By 17 September 2010 150

R&D cooperation across firms is often celebrated as it allows firms to better manage the R&D process by pooling risks, sharing costs, eliminating useless duplication of efforts, pooling complementary skills, or exploiting economies of scale. However, a recent publication by Bernard T. Ferrari and Jessica Goethals from McKinsey&Company advocates instead the use of rivalry to spur […]