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L’établissement d’un hyperlien après GS Media: quand y a-t-il une communication au public selon la Cour de justice?

By 13 April 2017 29

La jurisprudence de la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne sur les hyperliens réserve décidément des surprises. En témoigne l’arrêt rendu le 8 septembre 2016 dans l’affaire GS Media (C-160/15) La question de savoir si l’établissement d’un hyperlien vers une autre page du web constitue une communication au public au sens du droit d’auteur (et […]

When copyright law meets particular – or even personal – interests

By 19 December 2016 0

This post has been jointly drafted by Amandine Van Zuylen, Antoine De Spiegelaar, Victor Leblanc, Kevin Xhebexhia, Germain Haumont and Arnaud Picqué, all students in third year (BAC 3) registered for my course Intellectual Property Law at the Université Saint-Louis, Brussels. The requirements for this course include some online exercises on intellectual property topics. This post was jointly […]

Beware of the ‘mutant copyrights’ in a trademarked culture!

By 4 November 2016 0

The European Copyright Society (ECS) was founded in January 2012 with the aim of creating a platform for critical and independent scholarly thinking on European Copyright Law. Its members include scholars and academics from various countries of the European Union, seeking to promote their views of the overall public interest. The ECS has recently prepared an […]

Plain packaging, trademark protection and Investment Treaties: Get ready!

By 3 November 2016 33

The obligation of using plain packaging for tobacco products, i. e. the requirement to remove or substantially reduce the appeal of the brand on the packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products, has generated a lot of public debate, including about the effectiveness of such regulation (see here a summary of the debate in particular […]

Is copyright compatible with copying?

By 3 October 2016 38

Copyright law, as other intellectual property laws, creates a legal exclusivity on the use of an intangible asset. The copyright owner is granted the power to prohibit some acts of use regarding the protected work. In particular, the author can ‘say no’ to the copying of her work. (Copying falls under the reproduction right, but in Europe, the law also […]


What is ‘patent holdup’? Should it be regulated? If yes, how?

By 4 June 2016 0

On January 6, 2016, the Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) organized a half-day conference around the question: “Regulating Patent ‘Holdup’?” (you can find the program and the slides of the presentations here; you can also read the full summary of the proceedings). The organizers kindly invited me to close the conference by giving some concluding remarks. […]


“Big Data in the Platform Economy” – A Digest of the Conference

By 31 May 2016 0

On May 13, 2016, the editors of IPdigIT organized a one-day conference to study the growing importance of ‘Big data in the platform economy‘. To this end, they assembled a panel of experts from several disciplines: applied mathematics, engineering, economics, management, policy-making, and law. (You can find the general description of the conference here). The conference, […]

Big data 2

Conference: Big Data in the Platform Economy (May 13, 2016)

By 23 April 2016 0

On Friday May 13, 2016, IPdigIT (together with CIPI, CORE and Crides) organizes a one-day conference on ‘Big Data in the Platform Economy‘. The venue is Microsoft Innovation Center (Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Brussels). Admission is free, but online registration is required. To register and to see the full program of the conference, please follow this link. […]

Les hyperliens: de bonnes relations qui restent des liaisons dangereuses?

By 3 March 2016 44

Les hyperliens sont au coeur de l’Internet puisque ce sont les fils du World Wide Web. Une Toile qui ne cesse de s’étendre au profit des internautes du monde entier. Le débat sur la responsabilité pour l’établissement des hyperliens reste dans l’actualité. En 1988 (il y a déjà près de 20 ans!), j’avais publié dans Auteurs & Media un article […]

Incumbents and the sharing economy: the example of GM

By 30 January 2016 9

It is safe to say that the automotive industry experiences some turmoil; cars themselves, as well as the way we are using them, are changing profoundly. Traditional, petrol-powered, cars are slowly being replaced by electric cars and potentially fully autonomous vehicles. On the consumer level, a shift in consumption patterns, away from ownership to usage, […]